Saved by the bell hooks Tumblr Began as a Joke, Stumbled on Brilliance

Saved by the bell hooks juxtaposes the candy colored images of Saved by the Bell with bell hooks’ feminist musings.

Image via saved by the bell hooks

Ever watched Saved by the Bell and felt frustrated that the only roles for women were “plain Jane brain,” “vapid shopaholic” or “pretty cheerleader?” Or found yourself wrought with anguish over the societal implications brought on by the macho power struggle between POC jock Slater and untouchable cool dude Zack? Or wondered what the point of making the Jesse character a radical feminist was if writers were just going to cut down her every stand with a quick roll of the eye from white, male narrator Zack? It’s alright, cause you’re saved by the bell – hooks. On the heels of new research suggesting that memes can actually endear readers to feminist theory, comes novelty blog ‘saved by the bell hooks.’ Created by Liz Laribee, an illustrator whose career is in arts advocacy, the Tumblr mashes the words of intersectional feminist icon bell hooks with stills of ‘90s sitcom Saved by the Bell.

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