Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You: 3-D Technology

3-D technology is already used to train soldiers. Now it could be the next innovation in K-12 learning.

Head to the multiplex to check out the summer's blockbusters and chances are you're going to be putting on a pair of 3-D glasses. But could that same 3-D technology be coming to a school near you? Stewart Rodeheaver, the founder and president of California-based ViziTech USA, says 3-D learning systems are the next frontier in education.

The company has roots in military training efforts—ViziTech's 3-D technology has long been used to teach soldiers how to dissect a tank, for example. Rodeheaver, who is also a former soldier, became interested in bringing his 3-D learning to K-12 schools after he started getting calls from teachers looking for ways to make math, science, and other subjects more realistic and engaging.

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