Watch as Nature Slowly Reclaims an Abandoned Chinese Village

Photographer Tang Yuhong traveled to Goqui island and captured this empty village in the midst of being consumed by foliage.

Photo via Behance

In the past few decades, China has grown to become one of the largest industrialized nations in the world. While many Americans might now associate China with the highly urbanized and hyper-crowded cities of Shanghai and Beijing, it wasn’t too long ago that China was home to thousands of tiny rural villages. Many of these villages are now being abandoned, so Chinese photographer Tang Yuhong decided to take action—by taking pictures.

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Intermission: Sad Stuff on the Street

Look at some of the saddest objects on city streets around the world, read the break-up story behind the collection, and then submit your own photos.

Among photographers (of both the pro and Instagram variety), a popular sub-genre of ruin porn is abandoned stuff on the street. Nothing conveys inevitable disillusionment, the passage of time, accidental loss, and existential despair with such allusion-rich incongruity as a stuffed teddy bear in a puddle, or crockpot still in its 1970s packaging, forlornly promising delicious no-effort meals from its new home on the curb.

Former girlfriend/boyfriend Sloane Crosley and Greg Larson recently started a blog to transition their failed long-distance relationship into friendship by sharing their appreciation for all the "Sad Stuff" they spot on the street in their respective cities. Called Sad Stuff on the Street, it is, of course, quite sad, but also quite funny. As Crosley explains,

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