Abound Solar Races to Beat the Market, With a Public Boost

Amid criticism of government support for clean energy, Abound Solar is leveraging public investment for energy innovation.

The failure of Solyndra, a solar energy firm partially financed by the government, has prompted opponents of clean energy to question whether government programs that support private investment in innovative companies is a good idea. To help answer that question, we got in touch with GOOD Company finalist Abound Solar, a Colorado-based green-energy company participating in the same government program.

“We view the Solyndra ordeal as evolution at work in the industry,” says Julian Hawkins, the company’s senior vice president for marketing. Solyndra failed at least in part because solar panels became cheaper much faster than many anticipated. Solyndra couldn’t keep up, and when less competitive firms fail, that’s a sign that the system is working.

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