People Are Awesome: A College Student's Long-Awaited Coming Out

After struggling for decades in silence, college senior Sarah McBride has finally let the world know who she really is.

It's never easy to be a college student, and things get especially difficult when you try to juggle academic endeavors with a office in student government and a social life. Now try doing all those things while also struggling with your gender identity. That's what Tim McBride, the outgoing student body president at Washington, D.C.'s, American University, did for more than three years. While most of the world saw a high-achieving, smart, talented kid, he saw himself as a man living a lie.

Now a senior preparing to graduate, McBride's tenure as president ended on the last day of April. On May 1, newly free of the stresses of representing an entire university's students, he took to The Eagle, AU's student newspaper, to finally come out as a transgender woman.

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