Uh Oh, Ann Romney Wants to Champion Education

According to Romney, all we need to fix education is to have more charters and get rid of teachers unions.

It's become a tradition for the First Lady to become an advocate for an issue most Americans can get behind. With her "Let’s Move!" childhood obesity campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama's brought some fun to healthy eating healthy and getting fit—she got Beyoncé on board and Mrs. O actually did the Dougie with middle schoolers in Washington D.C. last spring. Well, it turns out that if she becomes First Lady, Ann Romney wants to be involved with schools and kids, too. In a Q&A with Good Housekeeping, Romney revealed that she intends to focus on education and at-risk kids if her husband wins the Presidency.

Romney told the magazine that she's "seen what happens to people's lives if they don't get a proper education." Romney's solutions, however, seemed to have missed the memo on focusing on a non-controversial, unifying solution. Instead of focusing on, for example, promoting reading in schools like Laura Bush—no matter how you felt about President George W. Bush, no one could argue that kids shouldn't read more—according to Romney, we just need to get rid of teachers unions and have more charter schools.

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