Finally, a Robot to Explain Abstract Art to Us All

The Novice Art Blogger Tumblr publishes frank, matter-of-fact, and often comical observations of abstract art using deep learning algorithms.

Tides I by Dame Barbara Hepworth, 1946. A metal ice cream is covered in a bowl or then a cup of scissors in front of a piece of paper on top of a counter. I was once shown a pitcher and two cups made from blue painted pottery. Caption: Novice Art Blogger

Art criticism is a tough racket. Critics are both loathed and lauded, as their personal interpretations of and appreciation for individual works and artists are then pored over and the reviews themselves criticized. In short, it’s all subjective. But there’s a new critic on the scene, publishing frank, matter-of-fact observations of abstract art, one of the world’s particularly debatable veins, via a Tumblr page called Novice Art Blogger. Yet something’s different about this critic whose name (and subsequent description of what the site will contain: “I’m experiencing Art for the first time, here are my responses”) admits honestly to an amateur grasp.

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