Submissions: Crowdsourced Cookbook, Spring Edition

Check out the GOOD community's favorite spring recipes, just in time for picnic season.

Just in time for all the weekend's picnics, here are our community's favorite spring recipes, submitted as part of our seasonal crowdsourced cookbook project.

Vote for your favorite in the poll below. Voting closes on Thursday, and we'll announce the reader's choice late next week. The winner will receive a free subscription to GOOD Magazine and a GOOD T-Shirt.

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Food Studies: Grow-Your-Own Pizza in New Haven

Despite the culinary delights of Switzerland, Josh hurries back from break to make the first pizza of spring. Bonus photo of a cute asparagus tip!

Food Studies features the voices of volunteer student bloggers from a variety of different food- and agriculture-related programs at universities around the world. Don't miss Josh's first post, in which he described making lunch for Carlo Petrini, writing a paper on the oldest cookbook in the world, and blogging about his homemade vanilla extract.

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Superb Idea: Supermarket Vegetable Packaging Helps You Grow Your Own

British art student Ben Huttly's vegetable packaging is 100 percent biodegradable; what's more, the labels are embedded with seeds.

If you've ever been troubled by the number of rubber bands used to tie together bundles of carrots, asparagus, and celery at the supermarket, this post is for you. British art student Ben Huttly's vegetable packaging is 100 percent biodegradable, with the label text created through laser cutting to avoid the use of ink. What's more, the labels are embedded with seeds, so that your supermarket purchase can also result in a homegrown harvest.

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