Say Goodbye To Needles, and Hello to Painless Vaccine Bio-Patches

Getting your flu shots could soon be as easy as applying a temporary tattoo.

image via (cc) flickr user stevendepolo

As a small child, every time I visited the doctor, I became “that kid.” The one physicians dreaded, nurses hated, and anyone within earshot probably thought was being painfully vivisected without any anesthetic behind closed doors. Would that my shrieks and screams were caused by such pain, but unfortunately their inspiration was something far more mundane: From age four until sometime during my middle school years, I was totally, utterly, profoundly terrified of getting shots. Never mind that the shots themselves were, ultimately, relatively painless. Never mind that they were, in many cases, literally saving my life from any number of infectious diseases. Had I been given the choice between getting stuck with needles and having my fingers broken by an angry gorilla, well, I would have needed to really think it over, at the very least.

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