Yale Law School May (or May Not) Have a Therapy Dog for Students Yale Law Students Check a Border Terrier Out of Library for Stress Relief

A border terrier dog named Monty is lent out to law students for 30-minute stress-relieving sessions.

There's no doubt law students are super stressed out. On top of a busy academic load, who knows if they're even going to have jobs after graduation? Enter Monty the therapy dog, available for check out from the Yale Law School library. A 30-minute play session with Monty is the perfect stress relief—if he actually exists.

The myth of Monty—short for "General Montgomery"—first surfaced last fall on the popular blog Above the Law. The border terrier was allegedly in a basket behind the circulation desk, but the school later issued a denial about Monty's existence. Now New York Magazine's reporting that Yale students have received a memo saying that, Monty is back and available for checkout. According to the memo from Law Librarian Blair Kauffman,

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