An Album Poised to Replace the Barf Bag

Pitiful airline travel? Don’t get mad, Get Songs For Fearful Flyers.

If you are of the one in five people who have a fear of flying, you might wanna check out Michael Hearst’s Songs for Fearful Flyers prior to your next boarding call. A composer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and founding member of the lit-rock band One Ring Zero, the 41-year old Brooklynite has a knack for finding inspiration in curious places. In fact, his solo works include the albums Songs For Ice Cream Trucks and Songs For Unusual Creatures.

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Every year, the World Question Center poses a question to many thinkers and writers about the year ahead. This year, they were wondering what is there to be optimistic about for the future. You can read responses from everyone from Brian Eno to Ray Kurzweil. It's a nice way to cheer yourself up. If all these wicked smart people are optimistic about something, we must be doing something right.