Bytox: Can This Patch Prevent a Hangover?

If the patch works, what sort of nightmare would I be living had I not applied it?

Earlier this month, a PR representative emailed this magazine to pitch a story about an exciting new product. Usually, I send those type of communiqués straight to the trash bin. But this pitch concerned a personal and professional interest of mine. “With holiday season approaching, people will drink a ton,” the email reads. “The Bytox patch helps to replenish the necessary levels of vitamins and nutrients your body loses when consuming mass quantities of alcohol."

Within minutes, I have replied with the address of my office requesting a sample of the patch—a hangover prevention remedy that claims to deliver, among other things, 10,000 percent of one’s daily value of vitamin B1 directly to the bloodstream over a night of drinking. The PR representative tells me he’ll send ten patches immediately. He also has a “well-spoken, good looking doctor” on hand to “discuss how the patch works.” Would I like to speak to him?

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