Should School Superintendents Earn More Than Obama?

Syosset, New York, superintendent Carole Hankin rakes in over $500,000 per year. Where do we draw the line on school district compensation?

With teacher pay and benefits coming under increasing scrutiny, it was only a matter of time till the salary of school district higher-ups also came under fire—especially when some superintendents are pulling down more in salary and benefits than the President of the United States. Case in point: New York's Syosset Central High School District Superintendent Dr. Carole Hankin rakes in $506,322 in total compensation to oversee 10 schools serving 6,687 students. In comparison, President Obama only gets $400,000 in salary—and he's running an entire nation.

Hankin also makes more than New York City Chancellor Cathie Black, who oversees 1.1 million students at 1,600 schools. Clearly, Black does far more work, but she's only getting $250,000 in salary plus benefits and a driver. Hankin's, as well as other high-salaried school district heads' take-home pay, has drawn the attention of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He's proposing capping salaries for superintendents outside New York City at $179,000.

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