Can Pope John Paul II Still Become a Saint?

There are new charges that Pope John Paul II's Vatican tried to cover up sexual abuse in Ireland. Will they affect his shot at sainthood?

Pope John Paul II, dead for a little over five years now, is being “fast-tracked” on the path toward sainthood. The deceased pope himself loosened the restrictions on what it took to become a saint—including scrapping the “devil’s advocate” requirement—so it makes some sense that he’s being ushered through the process more quickly than most of his revered historical counterparts.

Were he to get sainthood, John Paul II would be one of just 59 former popes who have earned the title, including Saint Mark and Saint Peter. Ten other dead popes are currently considered “blesseds,” which means they’ve been beatified on their way toward sainthood. Saints are those who have performed two miracles deemed real by the Church, while blesseds have only performed one miracle thus far.

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