Haiti Quake Recovery One Year Later: Six Things You Can Do

There's no shortage of NGOs working on the island nation, but the situation there remain dire and the recovery has "barely begun" according to Oxfam.

GOOD and ABC Team Up to Tackle Global Health Disparity

Be the Change: Save a Life promises to expose the biggest global health challenges and give voice to some of the most promising innovators.


Recently, our friends at ABC News launched Be the Change: Save a Life, a year-long global health initiative intended to bring attention to today’s most pressing global health challenges and to give voice to some of the most promising innovators in world health. Beginning with an hour-long special on 20/20, Americans were introduced to five organizations on the frontlines of global health: organizations like Embrace, founded by a group of Stanford students, which produces a low-cost incubator for premature infants in the developing world; charity: water, whose founder abandoned the Manhattan party scene to build wells in Africa; and Wuqu Kawok, which provides life-saving food supplements to malnourished children in Guatemala.

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