British Report Discovers “Glass Floor” For Children From Rich Families

Research finds that social mobility is inhibited for children from lower-income homes in the U.K.

Image of British schoolchildren via Wikimedia Commons

In what may come as an obvious conclusion to most people, researchers in Britain have found that children born into “well-off” families benefit from a “glass floor” that allows them to monopolize opportunities and facilitate their social mobility. The “glass floor” is comprised of what many people on the internet may refer to as “privilege.” In a report released by the U.K.’s Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, it was found that even when they exhibited lower learning capabilities, children from higher income households still grew up to become higher earners than their counterparts from lower income households—in fact, they were 35 percent more likely to become high income earners. The report, called “Downward mobility, opportunity hoarding and the ‘glass floor’,” surveyed over 17,000 people born in the same week of 1971 for its research data.

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