Did Compton Parents Really Want the Trigger Pulled?

Parents at McKinley Elementary signed a petition to have their struggling school taken over. Critics say they were tricked. Who's telling the truth?

Were parents tricked into signing a "parent trigger" petition that sets into motion the takeover of a Compton, California, elementary school by a charter school operator? That claim, and a slew of other accusations, are bringing the drama to 497-student McKinley Elementary—and making it ground zero in the national education reform debate.

Takeover opponents claim that almost 60 parents have rescinded their signatures from the petition given to Compton Unified School District officials last week. Karla Garcia, a parent of two McKinley students, told the Los Angeles Times that representatives from the nonprofit organization behind the parent trigger movement, Parent Revolution, misled her to get her signature. "They told me the petition was to beautify the school. They are misinforming the parents, so I revoked my signature."

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