Villagers rejoice as they receive the first vaccines ever delivered via drone in the Congo

The area's topography makes transporting medicines a treacherous task.

Photo by Henry Sempangi Senyule

When we discuss barriers to healthcare in the developed world, affordability is commonly the biggest concern. But for some in the developing world, physical distance and topography can be the difference between life and death.

Widjifake, a hard-to-reach village in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a population of 6,500, struggles with having consistent access to healthcare supplies due to the Congo River and its winding tributaries.

It can take up to three hours for vehicles carrying supplies to reach the village.

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Global Beats: Producing Hip-Hop in a Blackout

How Beat Making Lab and a street artist named Yomira John made music in the dark.

It's crazy how something unexpected can turn into an opportunity to innovate and be creative. I was in Panama during the festival del los Diablos y Congos with producer Apple Juice Kid and filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala, when we met an amazing vocalist on the street named Yomira John. Somehow, we convinced her to join us in our Beat Making Lab studio, which is housed at a free, community music-school in the heart of the city. We were in the middle of recording a song with Yomira, when a massive blackout knocked out over half of Portobelo—presumably the result of a power-drain from the day's festivities.

Luckily we were in familiar territory. We dealt with power-grid fluctuations when we built a Beat Making Lab in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and were equipped with tools to handle the situation. With a fully charged laptop and an iPhone app to light the room, we recorded Yomira on a USB-powered microphone in near-complete darkness. The blackout added to vibrant energy to the session as Yomira was forced to improvise some of the lyrics she had written—it was a blessing in disguise! It was also a visually interesting performance to film; with Yomira's platinum hair, neon green/hot pink nails, and ample charm exploding out of the black void. 

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WATCH: Congolese Children Meet The Great White Sasquatch

Justin Wren, who calls himself the "White Sasquatch," volunteers in the Congo to help people in need. He shot this amazing video on his iPhone of a g


MMA fighter Justin Wren, who calls himself the "White Sasquatch," volunteers in the Congo to help people in need. He shot this video on his iPhone of a group of children experiencing the thrill of touching his arm hair and beard.

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