Ikea Using U.S. for Cheap Labor, Behaving Ruthlessly American

Virginians were thrilled to get new jobs at a Ikea's U.S. factory. Then, instead of being all Swedish and swell, it was toil and torment.

Ikea has a reputation for fair dealing, good labor practices and, well, being Scandinavian, which means being a better corporate citizen overall. Then last week we learned that Ikea stores are designed to intentionally confuse us and trick us into buying more stuff.

Now, The Los Angeles Times reports that Ikea's U.S. factory is behaving very un-Swedish and, to the dismay of the workers there, much more American. The Times reports of the Danville, Virginia plant that "workers complain of eliminated raises, a frenzied pace, and mandatory overtime" along with claims of racial discrimination. Efforts to organize a union are also being met with high-paid legal opposition, according to the Times.

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