covid 19 relief bill

Pointing to the unprecedented food bank lines, housing insecurity, and economic suffering in his district and across the country as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the United States, Rep. Ro Khanna told Common Dreams Wednesday that it is both morally right and in the political interest of the Democratic Party to fight for a deal with the White House on coronavirus relief ahead of the pivotal November election.

In a phone interview, the California Democrat relayed the story of a constituent earning around $50,000 per year who has been forced to dip into his 401(k) savings to pay his mortgage after his wife—like tens of millions of other Americans in recent months—lost her job.

"He was telling me that if he doesn't get some help in the next month or two, he's going to have to lose his house and leave the Bay Area," said Khanna. "That story is so common in my district and it's common around the country."

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