10 Awesome (and Bizarre) DIY Ideas for Your Staycation

Taking a staycation? Here's a roundup of ten awesome DIY projects that will make yours feel even better than drinking margaritas on a beach.

With temperatures rising, and summer officially in full swing, many people will be using this time of year to see the world. But just as many will be spending the season right in their own backyards: by taking a staycation. And what could be better than enjoying time off locally than by tackling all those craft projects you've been meaning to work on all year. But just in case you don't have a stockpile of these to dive into, here's a round up of awesome DIY craft ideas that will make your staycation feel ten times more productive than drinking margaritas on the beach for a week (though admittedly, I wouldn't complain if that were my fate).

Cutting Board Bird Feeder

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