Fox News Shocked All Black People Aren't "Burnt Sienna"

We've put together a gallery to show Fox & Friends that not all people of color have the same skin.

As a kid of color, I'll admit that I sometimes felt jealous of my white classmates who got to draw pictures of themselves and their families with Crayola's famous "peach" color, which literally used to be called "flesh." While I made do with "brown," it never really matched my skin tone—to be honest, peach didn't really match many of my white classmates' skin tones either.

And so to me it made a lot of sense when Crayola introduced a line of "multicultural" markers. Why not give children of all colors the opportunity to try and depict themselves as accurately as possible? Why should darker kids whose families can't afford Crayola's more massive collections of colors be stuck with either "brown" or "black" to draw themselves?

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