Why I May Love TV Recaps More Than TV Itself: A Fan's Love Letter

Good television is incomplete without an equally satisfying recap.

When I was in sixth grade, my best friend Sarah and I would obsessively watch the Thursday night lineup: first Beverly Hills, 90210, then Party of Five. Since homework often kept us from watching in the same room, we’d dial each other the moment a commercial broke. Our analysis didn’t usually get past "I can’t believe Kelly’s pregnant," or "Julia’s boyfriend is so hot." Frankly, there wasn’t much subtext to the shows, anyway.

Since then, TV shows—even teen soap operas—have gotten far more complex. The freedom of premium cable has led to shows with fewer episodes, better writing, rawer and realer content. There are more cable shows being made than ever, and we have DVR, OnDemand, Hulu, and a million illegal streaming sites to keep up with them. Yet just as our television viewing experience has become more individual, there’s more to talk about than ever.

Enter TV recaps. Good television is incomplete without them.

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