Winner Announced: Picture Something Repurposed

In February, we asked you, the GOOD community, to send us photos of something repurposed. See the winning picture inside.

In February, we asked you, our regular GOOD readers, to send us pictures of something repurposed. The images ranged from an emptied can garden pot, to a sling constructed from an old tweed jacket, to shelves made from old beer boxes. Take a look at the submissions in our Picture Show.

After posting the Picture Show, we asked the community to vote. We’re happy to announce our winner, Lauren Lee. Lauren's vessels of light are not only functional but celebrate the design of the original product, a glass bottle. According to Lauren, "their beautifully curved lines hold sheer elegance that is rarely appreciated during or after consumption."

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Project: Take a Picture of Something Repurposed

Help us create a crowdsourced Picture Show by sending us an image of something repurposed.

It's time for another crowdsourced Picture Show. And we need your help. This time around, we want you to capture something repurposed.

We're interested in how objects serve different purposes. Maybe it's an empty jar turned cup. Or tree stump tuned stool. Newspaper turned wrapping paper. Old tire turned swing. You get the idea. We trust that you will get creative with this assignment.

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