Looking back, the year 1995 seems like such an innocent time. America was in the midst of its longest streak of peace and prosperity. September 11, 2001 was six years away, and the internet didn't seem like much more than a passing fad.

Twenty-four years ago, 18 million U.S. homes had modem-equipped computers, 7 million more than the year before. Most logged in through America Online where they got their email or communicated with random strangers in chat rooms.

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Kids Attempt to Explain Lady Gaga

See Lady Gaga the way she was meant to be seen: through the eyes of kids.


The kids in this video think Lady Gaga is 50 years old, but they also have some astute observations: She "likes attention" and "gets some of her ideas from Madonna," which "helps her be an know, like Michael Jackson." They also seem to understand that she wants everyone to be okay with who they are. Mission accomplished, Mama Monster!

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