Infographic: How to Get Enough Vitamin D

Dark days are ahead. Consider your intake of vitamin D.

The most important source of vitamin D is sunlight, but north of the 42 degree north latitude line, you might need supplemental vitamin D. Where does that come from? Food, especially mackerel, mushrooms, and margarine.

David McCandless put together this graphic that provides a good overview of the subject, coming as the shortest days of the year approach. Click on the image below for his sources.

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Could the L2 Innovation Forum be Marketing’s New TED?

Tomorrow, a major social innovation conference kicks off in New York. Is L2 the new TED?n

Tomorrow, a major social innovation conference kicks off in New York. Is L2 the new TED?


Tomorrow, some of the most creative minds in business will gather in New York for the second annual L2 Innovation Forum. (See highlights from last year's in the video, above.) A partnership between branding think-tank L2 and New York University, the conference is being billed as the largest gathering of prestige professionals in North America. The innovation forum will feature never-before-seen research, provocative presentations, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities.

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Facebook Knows When You Will Break Up

David McCandless and Lee Byron mined Facebook status updates and produced data visualizations for our dating (and breaking up) habits.

David McCandless and the excellent Lee Byron have produced a chart that looks at when people will break up, according to data mined from 10,000 Facebook profile status updates. The findings are not particularly surprising—most people like to be single for spring break and breakups are most often announced on Mondays—but they are certainly fun. And it's nice to see that Christmas day is a lowpoint for announcing breakups (though the weeks leading up to it are not). You can read more about it here.

(Via TIME Healthland)

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