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Save An Adorable Dog Through Social Media

Turn your love of cute dog pics into something good for canine-kind with this new gaming app.

Few things are cuter, or more social media-friendly, than a good dog pic. But what if you could help man’s best friend while gawking? Dogly, newly launched on iPhone and Android, is a free photo-sharing app for dog lovers founded by canine-rescuing mother-daughter duo Jane Turner and her daughter, Cory. Once logged in, users are able to sign up to donate "loves”—little hearts similar to the kind you can click on in Instagram—to their favorite pups, shelters, and organizations. Each month, Dogly gives out a $1k grant to the shelter with the most loves, as well as four $500 creative grants to users who post the most creative photos (to give to the shelters they play for on the app, not just to buy more dog costumes). Since the app’s launch in December, Dogly has donated $20k+ in grant money to 30 shelters across the United States, and its popularity has spread: users are now playing for hometown shelters from Japan to Canada and beyond.

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