WITI Milwaukee

Joey Grundl, a pizza delivery driver for a Domino's Pizza in Waldo, Wisconsin, is being hailed as a hero for noticing a kidnapped woman's subtle cry for help.

The delivery man was sent to a woman's house to deliver a pie when her ex-boyfriend, Dean Hoffman, opened the door. Grundl looked over his shoulder and saw a middle-aged woman with a black eye standing behind Hoffman. She appeared to be mouthing the words: "Call the police."

"I gave him his pizza and then I noticed behind him was his girlfriend," Grundl told WITI Milwaukee. "She pointed to a black eye that was quite visible. She mouthed the words, 'Call the police.'"

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Good News

All Artisanal Everything: Handmade or Just Branded That Way?

These days even fast food is supposedly made by craftspeople.

In September, the fast-food chain that brought the world a bread bowl stuffed with pasta shifted its focus to “quality ingredients and craftsmanship.” Yes, you heard right: Domino’s now has a line of “artisan” pizzas. And guess who now makes "artisanal" chips? Tostitos. With the corporate appropriation of a word that means handmade by craftspeople, it seems that "artisan" is poised go down the same frought path as “green” and “organic."

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