The First Doughnut in Space is a Beautiful Thing

These Swedish brothers are space pastry pioneers.

Screenshot from YouTube user Stratolys

The first doughnut in space, a classic pink-sprinkled Homer Simpson special, soared majestically above this swiftly tilting blue orb we call Earth; lonely, silent, and brave, the pioneering pastry danced in the aether before crashing down to the terrestrial waters from which all life, and by extension all baked goods, spring. Like Icarus, the brash snack food reached its glory in defiance of the laws of god and man—doughnuts were never meant to fly, or so we are all told. But this particular doughnut had a destiny to fulfill, and aided by its one little friend, a GoPro camera, and a pair of helpful Swedish brothers, it ascended into both our hearts and the annals of history.

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