What’s the Detroit Water Brigade Doing In Ireland?

Why they’re taking the fight for water rights to Dublin on October 10.

A march against water charges imposed by the Irish Water company. Photo by Flickr user Maurice Frazer.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to take the streets of Dublin tomorrow, and marching among the throngs of demonstrators will be the Detroit Water Brigade. They’re joining the Irish in their clarion call for water rights. The Right 2 Water December 10 protest is a response to recent government austerity measures that will impose additional charges on water usage. Detroiters will be airing their own grievances with the Detroit city government, which in the past year has shut off water service for more than 27,000 homes. Together, activists of Ireland and Detroit will protest in solidarity against the global privatization of water resources and organize to reestablish clean water access as a fundamental human right.

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