This Couple Spent Six Months Eating Garbage

Premiering on World Food Day, the new documentary Just Eat It highlights American food waste from soup to nuts.

Just Eat It director and film subject Grant Baldwin is shocked to find a swimming pool sized dumpster filled with discarded hummus.

A fair warning: Watching the new documentary Just Eat It may result in a rush to the kitchen, where you will feel compelled to make a big pot of soup with whatever you have on hand. You may also end up blending all your rotting fruit into a smoothie and throwing a huge barbecue to empty all the aging condiments from your fridge door (yes, we’re all guilty of the sin of multiple mustards). Just Eat It is the story of husband and wife Grant Baldwin (director) and Jen Rustemeyer (producer) as they set off on a six-month journey to consume only “wasted” food—discarded, “ugly,” or simply poorly labeled items that are otherwise fully edible. The result is a surprising and eye-opening story about the state of food waste in North America, where 40 percent of the food produced is never consumed (a $165 billion loss), despite our skyrocketing rates of hunger. It’s a stunning thing to see—agricultural fields full of non-marketable produce or dumpsters full of fresh food—when one in five households with children in the U.S. is food insecure.

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