Here’s to You

The best of the world’s neighborhood nooks.

Every neighborhood is a character, and you can usually note its personality on a single stroll through its streets. There’s a feeling in the air or a certain street vibe that reflects the energy and values of all those who chose to live out their lives right there. It’s those same people who frolic daily in that city’s nooks, boroughs, coffee shops or corners, distinct neighborhood spots that scream local. Who best to scout those pockets of metropolitan life than longtime residents with discerning eyes.

We found photographers around the world and asked them to profile a neighborhood hotspot based on its clientele, atmosphere, and status as a microcosm of the city itself. Take a stroll around the world and get a glimpse into the local vibe from the bustle of Brooklyn to the sunny pavilions of the Alsace region of France border.

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Where have all the Parisian farmers gone?

Paris Paysanne is a blog and soon-to-be book that's renewing interest in the culinary capital's declining marchés en plein air and local farmers.

As so many Americans seem to be learning after years of shopping at big-box industrial supermarkets, open-air food markets are more than just a place to buy the week’s groceries. They serve as a hub of activity and a way to invest in one's community by supporting local farmers. When you visit or live in a place that’s not where you’re from, markets can also be instructive: they can teach you about the value that a city puts on shopping for, preparing, and most importantly, enjoying food.

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