The Packers' Secret Sauce: 112,000 Cheese-Crazed Owners

The best team in football, the Green Bay Packers are also the only one that's community-owned.

Watching the Green Bay Packers dismantle my beloved Oakland Raiders on Sunday forced me to finally confront the fact that the Pack are going undefeated this season and will repeat as Super Bowl champions—they’re miles better than any other team in the game.

That realization, naturally, sparked some intense jealousy. It’s not just that they’re good this year, it’s that they’re never not good. The Packers have more championships than any other team. They’ve won their division five of the last 10 years. They dumped Brett Favre at exactly the right moment, then turned Aaron Rodgers into arguably the best quarterback in the league. They sell out every game, lead the league in merchandise sales, and have been the NFL’s golden franchise for as long as I’ve been watching football without inspiring the widespread hatred of the Yankees or Lakers.

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