Watch This Master Craftsman Turn A Piece Of Wood Into A Gorgeous Flamenco Guitar

Master guitar maker Eitan Bartal blurs the line between art and craft

image via vimeo screen capture

Over the past few years we’ve seen 3D printing—whether by hobbyists, professionals, or those somewhere in between—grow from novelty to full-fledged industry, reaching into the worlds of medicine, fashion, and even weaponry. It’s easy to envision our relatively newfound ability to print anything we can think of as eventually becoming the norm in terms of how we create and interact with our environments. But while 3D printing is both useful, and only beginning to be explored as a serious tool for everyday life, it will never replace the sort of expert skill seen in Handcrafted, a short film showcasing the painstaking process by which master builder Eitan Bartal creates hand-made flamenco guitars from scratch.

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