Lab-Made Terraforming Organisms Could Make Life on Mars Possible

Scientists at DARPA want to use genomic bioengineering to transform the Martian surface into a place we could someday live.

image via (cc) flickr user gsfc

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is probably as close to a cadre of comic book-ish “Mad Scientists” as we’re likely to get in the real world. Ostensibly the Department of Defence’s futurist and emerging tech brain-trust, DARPA and its researchers are responsible for some of the most innovative, forward-thinking scientific developments of the modern era, including driverless cars, robotic exo-skeletons, and mind-controlled aircraft. But while their work has, to date, been primarily geared toward affecting life here on earth, a team of DARPA scientists have set their sights just a little bit higher, announcing recently that they are working toward using bio-engineered organisms to someday help terraform the surface of Mars.

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