ARPA-E: How the Government Agency With a Name Out of Lost Could "Win the Future" and Save Humanity [Updated]

Get to know the new agency that swinging for the clean energy fences.

[Updated] If you haven't heard of ARPA-E yet, it's high time you get to know it. The acronym breaks down as the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy. It's sort of a descendant of the old wildly successful DARPA program that famously birthed the internet, amongst many other pretty phenomenal technological breakthroughs.

The basic premise of ARPA-E, launched under the Department of Energy in 2009, is in investing in high risk, high reward energy tech research. The so-called "breakthrough" technologies that no private investor of sound mind would ever touch, but which could prove world changing solutions to our energy and climate woes. All home runs here, no base hits.

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