World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Garden Comes to the Garden State

The AeroFarms facility is bringing millions of pounds of leafy greens, and dozens of green jobs, to Newark.

AerFarms anticipated corporate HQ.

The tri-state area may be in the middle of what some in the Yiddish speaking community call a “massive shvitz” (learn the word, it will come in handy), but that isn’t stopping Newark mayor Ras J. Baraka from going out and getting down and dirty with nature. Tomorrow Baraka, along with acting governor Guadagno, will break ground for the world’s largest indoor vertical farm at the AeroFarms Headquarters at 212 Rome Street.

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Mesmerize Yourself With This Time-lapse Video of the Chicago River Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Dying the Chicago River for St. Patrick’s Day started as an accidental discovery, but today is a beloved city tradition

image via youtube screen capture

There’s something hypnotically soothing about seeing the Chicago River slowly turn a vivid shade of Kelly green to celebrate St. Patrick’s day; it’s like watching a gigantic lava lamp undulate through the heart of downtown Chicago.

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Parks We're Crushing On

The coolest greenspaces—old and new—as spotted by an intrepid network of photographers around the globe

Whether it is a sweet little patch of weeds and wildflowers on the sidewalk or a vast urban park, we all have a special green place for which we hold a deep affection. Public green spaces are now—as much as they've ever been—the play stuff of some of our greatest thinkers, designers, and place-makers. And we're all so much better for it. We asked photographers from around the world to share photos of the parks which they have major crushes on and discovered these gems from Germany to British Columbia to the United Arab Emirates and more.

Tweet and instagram us #goodcitiesproject to share which park you're crushing on or tell us in the comments.

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