This Marijuana Museum is Housed in a Stunning 15th Century Spanish Palace

Barcelona’s Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum has some lavish digs.

When celebrated Spanish moderniste architect Raspall i Mayol Manuel Joaquim renovated the Palau Mornau in 1908, he likely did not foresee its fate as a marijuana museum. Previously, the 15th century palace had been home to the Sancliment family, and then the Mornau family, who commissioned Joaquim to do the remodel. The architect rendered their home in the highly fashionable style of architecture known as Catalan modernisme, which was characterized by curves, natural and organic motifs, and rich, opulent embellishments.

In the past century, however, the building has been ravaged by time. In 2002, the estate was acquired by Ben Dronkers, the founder of Sensi Seed, a cannabis seed bank, and HempFlax, a purveyor of hemp products, and refurbished once again. It’s now home to the Barcelona location of Dronkers’ Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum, which also has a branch in Amsterdam.

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Why You Will Soon Be Building Your Home With Hempcrete

As hemp and cannabis gain cultural currency, a new approach to construction emerges.

Courtesy of D-Kuru / Wikimedia Commons

As state after state slowly moves towards marijuana legalization, it seems like everyone is trying to cash in on the pot-farming boom. But legalization opens the door to a world of innovation and entrepreneurship that’s a lot wider than new, inventive ways to get high, like weed sodas. In “green rush” states like Colorado, farmers are taking advantage of the new legal environment to sow fields of hemp, marijuana’s THC-deficient cousin. Because of its relationship to cannabis, hemp has been illegal in America for over 60 years, despite a consistent chorus of supporters who have touted its use as a natural fiber and food supplement in Canada and Europe. Compared to the economic potential of legalized marijuana, that of pot’s fibrous cousin seems like small potatoes. Yet one use of the plant could revolutionize construction in the U.S., creating a new, lucrative industry for growers: Hempcrete.

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Legalize Hempcrete: The Growing Eco-Movement to Build Homes Out of Hemp

Hemp is energy-efficient, non-toxic, and resistant to mold, insects, and fire.

Building a hemp home\n

The notion of California dreamin' is poised to reach a whole new level with the state's first home made out of hemp. The owners of the ruins of Knapp's Castle in Santa Barbara plan to begin building a home out of a sustainable construction material called Hempcrete, a mixture of hemp, lime, and water.

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