Homer Simpson (Almost) Discovered The Elusive ‘God Particle’ Fourteen Years Before Science Did

Thanks to some sly mathematical in-joking, The Simpsons nearly predicted a major scientific breakthrough

image via (cc) flickr user erica_anderson

That, at its height, The Simpsons was one the funniest, smartest, most influential shows in the history of television, is a fairly uncontroversial assessment at this point. Even after its pivot away from focusing on Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie’s family dynamic, and toward increasingly unrealistic plot lines (sometime after around season 8 or 9) The Simpsons was–and continues to be–a reliable source of laughs. But while the show’s primary function has always been to entertain, that doesn’t mean its writers weren’t slipping in some serious business while we weren’t looking.

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