Honest Buildings Uses Social Networking to Spur Green Building

The startup is betting that the more information is available about buildings' green features, the more green buildings there will be.

For every need, there’s a social media platform to guide you through the tangle of options. For restaurants, check Yelp. For hotels, Trip Advisor. For that guy you met last night who seemed kind of cool, Facebook. But for that new apartment that had great light but felt a little drafty? Nothing.

Until now. Honest Buildings, which launches today in beta, aims to fill that gap and simultaneously encourage building owners to make greener choices. Search an address in one of 5,570 cities, and ratings on the building's walkability, energy use, and LEED compliance shed light on its green performance. Join the network, and you can review, comment on, or add photos of a building. Members who design, build, and repair buildings can showcase particular projects and link them to the building’s profile page.

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