How to Make a McRib (Not for a Limited Time Only)

Ryan Adams explains how anyone can make a delicious pork sandwich at home. All it takes is pork belly and patience.

Last week, McDonald's rolled out the McRib, the elusive and experimental sandwich that's been on and off the chain's menu since 1981. One of the oddest things about the sandwich is its pork patty, which has mechanically pressed "ribs" that hardly look like they've come from a piglet (maybe a small cat or a ferret instead?).

So thankfully, Ryan Adams, who blogs at Nose to Tail at Home, has transformed the sandwich by substituting pork belly for those perplexing preformed pork patties. He also shows how to recreate the other basic ingredients—rolls, pickles, BBQ sauce, and pork belly—without visiting the drive-through or picking up frozen meat patties at Walmart.

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