This Pill Helps Prevent HIV, But Who Will Have Access To It?

Two studies have found that a new pill can prevent HIV. But will the people who need it most be able to afford it?

It's a good day for the fight against AIDS: two studies have shown that a new drug can help prevent heterosexual people from getting the HIV virus.

Research had stalled earlier this year after another study found the same pill—Truveda—didn't prevent the AIDS virus among women in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Following two independent studies released today that showed the pills had a positive effect, researchers now believe that the first study was flawed. These two are the first studies that showed positive results in straight people; the only other study that had similar results was one with gay men. In fact, the pills were working so well that the University of Washington researchers stopped the study early; they felt it was unethical to continue giving participants placebos when they knew the real thing worked.

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