Will Daniel Craig's PSA Make Up for the Chauvinistic Bond Franchise?

For an International Women's Day PSA, Daniel Craig literally steps into a woman's shoes. The Bond franchise, we assume, won't change.


Nobody would ever peg womanizing spy James Bond as an advocate for gender equality. But in this two-minute clip starring Daniel Craig as Bond and produced by the organization We Are Equals for the 100th annual International Women's Day, 007 gets totally schooled by "M" on the challenges women faceā€”and spends half the clip dressed as a woman. It's a gutsy move to put such a chauvinistic character in drag, but there's no denying the impact of this one PSA is dwarfed by all the sexist gender biases and scantily-dressed "Bond Girls" that have been mainstays of the 22 Bond movies released to date. Perhaps this PSA a sign that Craig's planning to pressure the franchise's script writers to not include such biases and imagery in the upcoming Bond 23?

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