Screw Thanksgiving, I’m Celebrating Hendrix-Nye Day

An alternative celebration that provides all of the pie and none of the guilt, honoring two of the coolest Americans we know

All of the pie, none of the guilt. Photo by Jseattle via Flickr

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a time for family, turkey, and pies. (Oh, the pies!) We know there’s some kind of story down there, below the stuffing—we learned the whitewashed one in elementary school about the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans in 1621, celebrating the friendship that allowed the settlers to survive their first winter. At this point for most Americans, that old tale is just ancillary to the festivities. For some, though, the history of Thanksgiving is inexorable from our latter-day revelries. And past the picture-book images from our childhood, that history is a minefield of doubt, mistrust, and charged connections to centuries of colonization, conflict, and genocide. It’s understandable that many now wish to mark the day with some festivities, but not to glorify such a fraught history. Yet alternative celebrations are few, far between, and face difficulty catching on in the mainstream. For those in search of an alternate holiday, here are a few suggestions.

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