People Are Awesome: Teen Ballerina Shames Seventeen Magazine To Stop Photoshopping

Julia Bluhm was fed up with the pages full of pixel perfect girls touched up and thinned out with the digital magic wand. So she organized.

Glossy magazine bosses take note: Beware of fourteen-year-olds in tutus with progressive agendas. Julia Bluhm of tiny Waterville, Maine was fed up with opening the pages of Seventeen Magazine to find pixel perfect images of girls touched up and thinned down with the magic wand of Photoshop. So she did what any social media savvy young person would—she ascended her digital soapbox. Nearly 86,000 petition signatures later, her digital organizing has rattled the windows of a 17th floor Manhattan office and Bluhm has swayed the teen media titans. No more Photoshop slim models in the pages of Seventeen Magazine.

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