On the Market Watch: Knewton's Educated Approach to Marketing

Brought to you by IBM. The COO of an online education site talks about how marketing crosses into his domain as his users and services grow.

In this four-part series, we interview industry leaders about how technology and business are evolving the way companies use marketing and social media. This post is brought to you by our partner, IBM.

Knewton is an educational platform dedicated to a more innovative approach to online learning. On a mission to share knowledge on an international level, Knewton's unique Adaptive Learning Platform tailors lessons to each individual learner. To hear more about how Knewton markets its business model and connects with its global audience, we caught up with CEO David Liu. After earning an MBA from Columbia Business School, Liu served as a Senior Vice President at AOL. And did we mention he’s been awarded a patent for web-based content personalization, too? Liu shares with GOOD how aspects of marketing often cross into his domain as Knewton continues to grow and expand.

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