The Unlikely Student Behind Ferguson’s Most Important Livestream

How a rookie reporter brought the Mike Brown protests to the world

If you followed the clashes between police and protesters this weekend in Ferguson, Missouri, chances are you’ve seen Mustafa Hussein’s livestream. While cable news has done its best to keep up with the nightly shows of police militarization, the story has played out in real time, on Twitter feeds and shaky cams, prompting people to call it one of the first, true “post-television news stories.”

Staying current on the situation in Ferguson has meant keeping two browser windows open, one for Tim Pool’s Vice livestream, and one for Hussein’s Argus Radio broadcast. Both have proved remarkably successful at placing themselves where other journalists are not, evading the behind-the-lines press-pen corral, where police have done their best to confine reporters over the last several nights, away from protestors and tear gas. Millions have tuned in directly to the livestreams, and aside from a few exciting moments on cable TV (including police threatening to mace MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes), even a lot of the mainstream coverage relied on footage from Pool and Hussein.

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