Click "Like" After Class: Yale Professor Chooses Internet-Free Lecture Hall

Yale art history professor Alexander Nemerov found an old-school way around student's checking Facebook in class.

Last fall, a Harvard Crimson staff writer drummed up some controversy when he wrote about how his peers regularly check Facebook in class because they're bored by lecturing professors. Well, in his search for a more dimly-lit space that would make projected images easier to see, Yale art history professor Alexander Nemerov stumbled onto a way around student's online multitasking. The new auditorium for his winter survey course, one of the most popular classes on campus, doesn’t have a Wifi signal.

"In the past many students in the lecture were doing Facebook or email or all kinds of things on their computers,” Nemerov told the Yale Daily News. "So for me it’s better if there’s a room where that is not possible." Mobile phone signals also disappear in the room, which makes it impossible for students to even click "like" on a friend's status through a smartphone.

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