Levi Strauss Senior Global Marketing Manager Erik Wolsky met Oakland artist and teacher Keith “K-Dub” Williams at an event in San Francisco’s FTC Skate Shop earlier this year. Williams, who stands about 6’5” with long dreadlocks, a scruffy beard, and wide shoulders, laid out his dream of rebuilding “Town Park,” an all-wood skate park in West Oakland’s DeFremery Park, into a more permanent, professional cement design. When Wolsky heard Williams explain it, he loved the idea and vowed to help.

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As part of its Ready to Work campaign, the Levi's jeans company, a partner of GOOD, has invested in the urban renewal taking place in Braddock, Pennsylvania. The struggling rust belt city that lost most of its population after its steel industry collapsed now finds itself on the precipice of new era, with an emerging creative class and a fledgling crop of sustainable industries. This is a look at some of the residents at the helm of that transformation, with photographs culled from Levi's shoots in and around the city.

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