Vasectomies May Become Less Invasive, More Easily Reversible

The Parsemus Foundation has developed Vasalgel, an injectable nonhormonal gel polymer that effectively stops sperm from passing through the male vas deferens on a long-term basis.

"Sorry, sperm. Not in my house." Photo by Norma Gonzalez

Here’s another one for all you chomping at the bit for more riveting advances in the field of male contraceptive options: Vasalgel, a gel polymer that’s injected into the male vas deferens, creating a roadblock for sperm traveling through the channel—effectively a vasectomy, minus the slice n’ dice. Fluids can still pass through the barrier, but your swimmers will be stuck at the gate. The team behind Vasalgel at Parsemus Foundation, which focuses on innovative and neglected medical research, is touting it as a less invasive, more easily reversible vasectomy, as they offer a separate injection to dissolve the polymer barrier, thus allowing a man’s sperm to carry on as before.

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